Kate Middleton Most Stylish Hats

Kate Middleton is a global fashion icon; she has the best collection of gowns, from blazers to stylish hats.

Here we present Kate Middleton's most stylish hats that have got plenty of attention.

The hat which got much of the attention is the black hat; Kate wore this hat with the matching black blazer; adorned with a beautiful pearl necklace.

Black hat

Kate looks ravishing in this red hat; she completed the look with a matching red coat dress and heels. 

Red hat

The epitome of grace, Kate looks adorable in this lime colour hat, paired with a yellow blazer; she glam up the evening. 

Lime yellow hat

Kate looks endearing in this fur hat paired with a wool blazer and bouquet in hand. She looks pretty. 

Fur hat

The perfection of elegance, kate looks charming in this peachy pink colour hat paired with the matching blazer and classy clutch. 

Peachy pink hat

Kate looks sophisticated and elegant in this flower hat; she wore this to Pippa's wedding, and she looks polished. 

Hat with flower

Magnificent! Kate looks regal in this pink hat; she completed the outfit with a matching blazer. 

Pink hat

The epitome of grace, Kate looks majestic in this burgundy hat; she adorned the outfit with a matching blazer and stunning earrings. 

Burgundy hat

Glorious! Kate looks royal in this green hat; she completes the outfit with a matching blazer and looks sophisticated.  

Green hat

Holding little Princess in her hand, Kate looks charming in this flower hat.

Flower Hat