Trends Kate Middleton won't Wear Anymore

Kate Middleton is one of the most fashionable royals, known for her timeless gowns and monochrome attire; she keeps changing her fashion game. 

But after becoming Princess, there are a few trends that Kate has to ditch, from white jeans to saying goodbye to shoulder bags.

Here we have listed all the trends Kate Middleton doesn't wear anymore and what she wears instead.

Trends Kate Middleton Never Wears Anymore

In her college days, Kate used to carry big shoulder bags, which are now replaced by elegant and polished clutches. 

Ditched: Shoulder Bags

She has moved away from the trend of white jeans and embraced dark skinny jeans to have a sleek and modern look.

Ditched: White Jeans

Kate ditched Ugg boots and replaced them with classy suede knee-high boots to add a touch of sophistication.

Ditched: Ugg Boots

She has stepped away from the fedoras trend and embraced wide-brim hats to complement her dresses. 

Ditched: Fedoras

She is often seen wearing skirt suits, which provide a polished look, and has ditched the trend of denim skirts.

Ditched: Denim Skirts

The classic Ray-Ban sunglasses complement Kate's timeless fashion and add effortless cool to her outfits. 

Ditched: Chanel Sunglasses