Kate Middleton Outfits to Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries are natural-born leaders and wear the color that represents their strength; hence Kate's power blue coat/dress speaks your confidence.


Taurus people are practical and prefer anything comfortable; hence, Kate's comfortable and cozy look represents your voice. 


Geminis, you are confident, and a signature pair of heels like Kate is wearing is all you need to become the center of attraction. 


Cancer and being fashionable go hands-in-hands, Kate's wardrobe is full of pink and ivory colors; pick any subtle color that matches your feminine.


Leos love the limelight; for them, anything bold and vibrant makes them stand out in the crowd. 


Virgo ladies, show off your sexiness by preferring something similar to Kate's white lace dress and look polished. 


Libra loves perfectionism; embrace your inner-confident by wearing coordinated sets or coat dresses like the Kate is wearing here. 


Scorpio loves to look polished; Kate's streamlined skirt and suit sets are what you need to elevate your style game. 


No one can beat the fashion sense of Sagittarius; bright and pop-up-color bring their best self; see how graceful Kate looks in a white-blue dress. 


Capricorn screams for sophistication; they favor timeless pieces; Kate's gowns/dresses are a classic way to twist your style.


Aquarius always stay up-to-fashion; kate's off-shoulder gowns you should be eyeing to look fabulous.


Pisces are boho babies; you should never be bored of Kate's wardrobe of maxi dresses and vintage pieces.