Kiara Advani's Skincare Secrets

Kiara Advani is the most admirable Bollywood actress, and her no-makeup pictures show her flawless, glowing skin, which always makes headlines.

Here we have listed some of the skincare secrets Kiara has shared in various interviews.

Beauty secrets

The diva drinks plenty of water throughout the day to keep her skin hydrated and glowing.

Hydration is key

Kiara follows Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine twice a day to keep skin clean and nourished.

CTM routine

She makes sure to wear sunscreen with a high SPF to protect her skin from harmful UV rays.


Kiara uses sheet, clay, and DIY masks made with natural ingredients to rejuvenate and hydrate her skin.

Face masks

Kiara regularly gets facial massages to improve blood circulation and give her skin a natural glow.

Facial massages

She follows a healthy diet with fresh fruits, veggies, and protein-rich foods for better skin.

Healthy diet

Kiara believes minimal, natural makeup and letting the skin breathe help maintain health and a true-to-life glow.

Minimal makeup

Kiara always talks about the importance of natural organic products and internal care for improving the skin's untamed beauty.

Get the Glow!