Korean Singer: IU Best Songs To Cheer Your Mood

IU is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actress recently spotted at Gucci Show in Seoul, she has captivated everyone with her extravaganza looks, and here we have listed the top songs by IU to make you feel good. 

 This energetic and uplifting track will instantly put a smile on your face.

Good Day

This song is a perfect anthem for staying true to yourself


IU's collaboration with G-Dragon adds a touch of charisma to the track.


This delightful song about the blossoming feelings of love


Immerse yourself in the emotional depth of IU's heartfelt ballad

Love Poem

Unwind and relax with this soothing track.

You & I

Embrace your youth and navigate the complexities of growing up with this catchy song


the heartfelt lyrics of this song create a poignant atmosphere

Dear Name

Romantic K-Dramas Inspired by True Stories