Kylie Jenner Stunning Met Gala Looks

 Kylie Jenner is the star of the Met Gala, making her first appearance in 2016 till 2022; the model always amazed us with stunning looks.

Let's look back at Kylie's most prominent looks at Met Gala. 

Kylie looks spectacular in this platinum blonde bob paired with the dusty pink gown and classy earrings. 

Pink gown

The model made a bold choice and donned everyone a lavish purple gown with feather sleeves and purple hair.

Purple gown

 Kylie looked drop-dead gorgeous in this incredibly cool black body-hugging gown.

Black gown

At the 2022 Met Gala, Kylie wore a white wedding gown completing the look with a veil and backward baseball cap.

Wedding gown

Kylie wore an embellished sheer gown and made heads turn; she looked spectacular, paired with subtle makeup and classy pair of heels. 

Sheer Silver gown