Lee Jong Suk Best K-Dramas To Watch

Lee Jong Suk is one of the most popular actors who is known for his romantic dramas. Here we have listed his best K-dramas that are worth the watch.

Lee Jong Suk played a character who crosses the boundary between the real world and a webtoon universe.

W - Two Worlds

Lee Jong Suk portrayed a news reporter with the "Pinocchio syndrome," where he couldn't lie without hiccups.


Lee Jong Suk depicted a prosecutor who can foresee accidents in his dreams, contributing to solving cases and unraveling personal connections.

While You Were Sleeping

In this romantic comedy, Lee Jong Suk portrayed a successful writer who supports his close friend in her professional journey.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Lee Jong Suk took on a unique role as a man who can read minds, using his ability to create an online persona that captures the public's attention.

Big Mouth

Lee Jong Suk took on the role of a skilled surgeon forced to work in North Korea, blending medical intrigue and political tensions.

Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk starred as a young lawyer with the ability to read minds, navigating a legal drama intertwined with personal growth and romance.

I Hear Your Voice

In this heartwarming school drama, Lee Jong Suk portrayed a troubled student, showcasing his ability to bring depth and emotion to his characters.

School 2013

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