Lee Joon Gi Best K-Dramas To Watch

Lee Joon Gi is a South Korean actor and model known for his incredible acting skills; here are some of his best K-dramas that are perfect to binge-watch.

The story of Hee Woo, a young & enthusiastic prosecutor who awakens to discover that he has been granted a second chance at life following his untimely demise.

Again My Life

Baek Hee Sung lives a seemingly everyday life as a craftsman alongside his wife and daughter. However, unknown to his wife, he hides dark secrets. 

Flower Of Evil

The Lawless Law Firm comprises Sang Pil, a former gangster turned lawyer who wants revenge for his mother.

Lawless Lawyer

The storyline revolves around a group of highly trained profilers in the National Criminal Investigation team who track down criminals to solve cases. 

Criminal Minds

After her father is wrongfully accused of a crime and she is evicted from her home, Yang Sun meets an attractive scholar Sung Yeol walking at night, but the scholar is a vampire.

The Scholar Who Walks the Night

Set in the 19th century during the Joseon dynasty, the story revolves around Park Yoon Kang, the son of the nation's most skilled swordsman. 

Gunman in Joseon

The story of a man who got wrongly accused of a crime and given only two weeks to prove his innocence and save his daughter’s life. 

Two Weeks

Soo Hyun is a NIS officer, but his promising future turns somber when he learns that the murderer of his parents is now a prominent figure in a dangerous drug syndicate.

Time Between Dog and Wolf

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