10 Life Lessons To Learn from Emily in Paris

Let’s take a walk down the picturesque streets of Paris to immortalize some of the best lessons we learned from season one of Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris teaches us that magic happens when you dare to step out of your comfort zone and chase dreams that are so big, that they sometimes terrify you.

Magic happens outside your comfort zone

If you’re simply visiting another country for a vacation, and you need to do a deep research dive in order to show some respect for the culture and for the people you’re visiting.

Respecting other cultures is paramount

You know yourself better than anyone else, so you really can not let someone else’s misguided opinion about you, define you.

There’s always a way to change a bad first impression

The ones who are for keeps will definitely accept you for who you are, so there is no point trying to change yourself to suit someone else’s taste.

Staying true to yourself is more important than fitting in

Emily, Mindy, and Gabriel are all shining examples of what hard work can achieve, especially when one is not born into an affluent family like Camille’s. 

There’s no substitute for good ol’ hard work

Sylvie’s threatening glares and everyone else’s obvious disagreement, Emily patiently explained why she thought the ad could be better, and this ultimately led to a Twitter poll that turned out to gain greater engagement than the original plan.

Speaking your mind won’t always feel comfortable

The ability to spot silver linings in the darkest of days, as well as the self-discipline required to never say never are rare superpowers that can change your life forever.

You can always put a positive spin on things

When Emily’s boyfriend, whom she left behind in Chicago, explicitly asked her to abandon everything that Paris had to offer so they could be together back home, Emily chose to break the relationship off.

Letting people go means losing dead weight

Being a good friend means being supportive and helping your friend get over their fears, while being open and direct enough to let them know when they do something wrong.

Everyone needs a great girl-friend

Never feel guilty about taking breaks and enjoying life while you can, because having fun is not a waste of time just because you’re not technically being productive when sightseeing or taking a lengthy stroll.

Having fun is not a waste of time