Life Lessons To Learn From Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy is an Indian author, social worker, and entrepreneur. She is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and the author of several books, including "The Miracle of a Simple Life" and "The Day I Stopped Drinking Coffee."

 These life lessons from Sudha Murthy offer valuable insights and guidance for personal growth.

She reminds us to stay connected to our roots, appreciate the simple things in life, and never forget our humble beginnings.

Be Humble

Sudha Murthy is a philanthropist. She inspires others to make a positive difference in society by doing small acts of kindness or larger-scale initiatives.

Make a Difference

Sudha Murthy respects different cultures and traditions. She encourages us to be open-minded and embrace the richness that diversity brings.

Embrace Diversity

Sudha Murthy encourages a spirit of curiosity and exploration. She once said in an interview that “the day you stop learning is the day you become old.”

Always be learning

She inspires others to contribute to the welfare of others, whether through charitable acts, volunteering, or using their skills to uplift those in need.

Give Back to Society

Sudha Murthy's journey is a testament to perseverance and hard work. She teaches us the value of persistence and the importance of effort to achieve our goals.

Do Hard Work

In an interview, she said, “teach children that money doesn’t make a person extraordinary.” 

Think beyond money

Sudha Murthy is the perfect example of how important and relevant it is to be yourself today and not act like someone you are not. 

Be yourself

Sudha Murthy always reminds us to prioritize connections in our lives and cherish our bonds with family, and friends.

Value Relationships

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