The ideal lipstick shade you should wear based on your zodiac sign

The right lipstick can be a total game changer, boosting your confidence, showcasing your personality, and even turning some heads.

If you're looking for a way to select the perfect hue of this makeup, why not let astrology guide the way?

Aries, you naturally command attention. So you need a strong lipstick that lets the world know you mean business before you ever open your mouth—like a dark velvet red shade.

Aries: Velvet Red Lipstick

Tauruses are known for their bullish charm and elegance, a low-key but classic blush pink lipstick will coordinate well with their tender lovin' ways.

Taurus: Blush Pink Lipstick

Geminis are known for their lip service, and what better hue to wear than a vibrant sheer lip gloss color?

Gemini: Sheer Lip Gloss

Rich mocha-colored matte lipstick is deep, surprisingly seductive, and silky smooth—just like you, Cancer.

Cancer: Matte Mocha Lipstick

Leos are known for their passionate and dramatic nature, which is why this bright and glittery lipstick will allow them to mark their territory.

Leo: Shiny Glitter Lipstick

Virgo is all about boundaries, the subtle peach color never goes out of style, making it a worthy investment.

Virgo: Long-Wear Peach Lip Stain

This solid gold and sparkly shade will allow Libra to feel like the bon vivant goddess they are on the inside and out.

Libra: Bold Gold Lipstick

Scorpios love to make a statement—especially with the one they are kissing, the deep berry red shade will make really people drive crazy.

Scorpio: Deep Berry Lipstick

A tinted lip balm is the perfect moisturizing solution to keep you looking fresh-faced and glowing while you conquer the world.

Sagittarius: Tinted Lip Balm

Always the practical one, you want a lipstick that you can splurge on one time and wear on any occasion, a classic taupe shade works amazingly.

Capricorn: Matte Taupe Lipstick

Aquarians like to make fashion statements, which is what makes a shocking but bold black lip depicts your unique personality.

Aquarius: Jet Black Lipstick

Blotted and matte, this dreamy pink is a staple that allows you to move in and out of environments, states of consciousness, and moods

Pisces: Barbie Pink Lipstick