8 interesting ways to practice self-love

this is something I do often! I always feel like I can reset on a solo museum trip and also appreciate my own art criticism.

go to a museum

when I have the money to spend :) getting yourself little gifts is a great way to connect to self-love!

go to a bookstore

if you can, take some solo hikes to connect to some non-human life :)

go hiking

but you can also go yourself and see all the amazing produce it has to offer!

go to a farmers' market

don't wait for another person to go see something you're really excited to see.

see a movie

picnics are another great way to both connect to nature and have some fun alone time!

have a picnic in the park

shopping with a friend or s.o. can be really fun,

go thrifting

and this will make you definitely feel happy!

buy yourself flowers