Lucky Flower As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Bold and passionate, honeysuckle represents the fiery nature of Aries

Aries - Honeysuckle

As a symbol of love and beauty, the rose represents the luxurious and sensual nature of Taurus

Taurus - Rose

Known for their quick wit and charming personality, Geminis represented by the calming lavender

Gemini - Lavender

As a symbol of purity and motherhood, the lily reflects the nurturing and compassionate nature of Cancers

Cancer - Lily

Just like the sunflower, Leos are known for their bright and vibrant personality

Leo - Sunflower

As a symbol of perfection, the chrysanthemum reflects the practical and detail-oriented nature of Virgos 

Virgo - Chrysanthemum

The elegant and charming bluebell represents the harmonious and balanced nature of Libras

Libra - Bluebells

The passionate and intense nature of Scorpios is reflected in the deep red geranium

Scorpio - Geranium

Just like the vibrant and adventurous nature of Sagittarius, the carnation is said to bring excitement.

Sagittarius - Carnation

Known for their ambition and discipline, Capricorns are represented by the strong and resilient ivy

Capricorn - Ivy

The unique and unconventional nature of Aquarians is reflected in the exotic and mysterious orchid

Aquarius - Orchid

The sensitive and dreamy nature of Pisces is represented by the delicate and serene water lily,

Pisces - Water Lily