Lucky plants to have according to zodiac sign

Aquarius are eccentric and this progressive personality makes pothos a perfect pair for this sign.

Aquarius: Pothos

 Pisces is the greatest comforter due to its unwavering compassion, making ZZ plant the perfect companion.

Pisces: ZZ Plant

Aries are always straight to the point and share their honest thoughts; these traits show why a succulent is their top choice.

Aries: Succulent

Taurus will put in extra time and effort to get the job done; it’s no question that a fiddle leaf fig is their perfect match.

Taurus: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Geminis are always moving forward, and philodendron’s shared the same sense of flexibility and openness.

Gemini: Philodendron

A gorgeous money tree is an ideal choice for Cancers because of their abundant positive energy.

Cancer: Money Tree

A Leo’s warmth and cheerfulness clearly show that bromeliads are the plant for them.

Leo: Bromeliad

Virgo's conservativeness and tenacious work ethic all point to the rubber tree.

Virgo: Rubber Tree

Libras are socialites, making monstera a perfect companion for their sophisticated activities. 

Libra: Monstera

The honest character of Scorpio makes dracaenas their best companion. 

Scorpio: Dracaena

The exotic and unique alocasia plant shares many traits with the inquisitive Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: Alocasia

Capricorns thrive in rules and tradition. All of these traits make Capricorns the best parents for bonsais.

Capricorn: Bonsai