5 Mantras to Live By For Self-confidence

Mantras can be something as simple as “Om,” a Sanskrit word that is acknowledged as the sound of the Universe and translated as “I am.”  Here are some mantras to live by to build your self-confidence:

Self-defeating thoughts are difficult to overcome, but they can be. Take control of your internal dialogue by simply saying, “I am worthy,” because you are

1. I am worthy

Great things can only ever spring from someone who believes in themselves. Choose to be that person.

2. I can do anything

If today is difficult, acknowledge how you feel but do not get down on yourself. True strength is embracing emotions and growing from positive or negative experiences.

3. I am strong

At our worst, we are merely reactive, giving in completely to our emotions without thinking of the repercussions of our actions.

4. I am in control

Saying “it’s okay,” can definitely reframe your reaction to failures. Do not think of it as the end of the road. Think of failures as bumps that are surmountable.

5. It’s okay