Medical K-Dramas That Achieved Unmatched Success

This drama follows a brilliant North Korean doctor who escapes to South Korea and becomes embroiled in hospital politics

Doctor Stranger

A heartwarming story about a young autistic savant with exceptional medical skills who joins a prestigious hospital's pediatric surgical unit.

Good Doctor

After a divorce, a couple who were once medical students end up working as interns in the same hospital

Emergency Couple

This drama portrays the journey of a rebellious high school student who turns her life around to become a skilled neurosurgeon.


A seasoned surgeon known as "Teacher Kim" mentors younger doctors while dealing with corruption within the hospital. 

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

This drama offers a unique slice-of-life perspective, exploring their personal lives, friendships, and medical cases.

Hospital Playlist

Set in a major hospital, this drama delves into the power struggles and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors and administrators.


Focusing on an emergency medical team, the drama highlights their high-stress environment as they work to save lives in critical situations.

Golden Time

A young man becomes a doctor with the ultimate goal of taking revenge on the person responsible for his father's death.


This drama follows cardiothoracic surgeons as they tackle complex cases and confront personal and professional challenges.

Heart Surgeons

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