Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Adorable Pictures

Here are some of the aodrable and intimate pictures of two love birds, Meghan and Harry, which they shared after the release of the Volume I of "Harry & Meghan"

One of our favourite pictures of Harry and Meghan; they shared a smooch in the kitchen and stole all our hearts. 

Smooch in kitchen

This picture is of Meghan and Harry's second date in London, "which is when Harry realized that Meghan was the girl he was looking for."

Laughing together

Such a lovely picture, Meghan seems to be lying on Harry's shoulders, and both are wearing cute beanies.

On your shoulders forever

In this adorable photo, the couple seems to have a romantic moment and share a kiss. 

Into the Wild

Such a sweet picture, Meghan and Harry love spending every moment together. 

Love is all

This sweet picture of Meghan and Harry under the tree, hugging each other, has all our hearts. 

Posing under the tree

On the day of the reception, Meghan and Harry danced all night along and looked happy. 

Dancing all night

One of the sweetest pictures of them; aren't they look adorable? 

I & You = US

Meghan and Harry shared a couple of portraits of the two in love; adorable pictures. 

All in love

The love birds can be seen enjoying wild safari adventures and making happy moments. 

Jumping together