Meghan Markle Best Swimsuit Moments

Meghan's former Instagram account was full of pictures of exotic vacations, and luxurious beaches getaways.

Meghan often slipped into a bikini for adventures abroad; we present you Meghan’s best swimwear moments:

Meghan looked pretty as a princess in a pink sushi bikini paired with her forever classy sunglasses. 

Sushi love

Meghan looks effortlessly beautiful in a printed one-piece bathing suit; she seems relaxing on the beach. 

Island Vibes

Meghan donned a green bikini while strolling on the beach, paired with an oversized shirt and a hat for extra coverage. 

Green Queen

Meghan wore a classic teal bikini and was ready to hit the water, paired with sunglasses and cool hat. 

Teal bikini

Meghan didn’t miss the chance to move her body even on the beach; she wore an olive swimsuit bikini and looked stunning.

Exercise lover

Meghan lives every moment; she looks beautiful in a black bandeau bikini while enjoying the drink. 

Toast to us

Meghan wearing the fun elephant bikini, clicked a selfie with BFF Jessica Mulroney. 

One with a friend

Meghan gives some major beach vibes, she looks Uber-glamorous in an oversized shirt paired with a black bikini. 

I am enjoying it

Meghan looks super stylish in a watermelon crochet bikini paired with a cap and sunglasses. 

Fruity Fashion