10 Meghan Markle Inspired Party Dresses

Meghan is one of the most fashionable royals; here, we present some of our favorite dresses that are just perfect any party.

The Duchess looks spectacular in a red dress paired with open hair and suede heels. 

The red dress

Meghan donned a blue bodycon dress and stole all our hearts. 

The blue dress

She looks alluring in a denim dress accessorized with cool sunglasses and a white clutch. 

The denim dress

Meghan looks bewitching in a white off-shoulder dress, adorned with diamond earrings. 

The white dress

She dazzled in a dazzling blue shimmer gown and caught everyone's attention. 

Shimmer gown

She looked pretty in head-to-toe black attire paired with flawless diamond studs. 

Black dress

Meghan wore a high-slit powder blue skirt with a white fur jacket and looked fabulous. 

Fur jacket

Meghan stepped out in a stunning off-shoulder black-shimmer gown featuring feathers.

Feather gown

Captured with Prince Harry, Meghan looks majestic in green attire paired with a matching hat and black bag. 

That green dress

The Duchess looks effortlessly classy in a yellow bodycon dress; she completed the look with a high bun and suede heels. 

That yellow dress