Michael Schumacher Most Inspiring Quotes

Michael Schumacher, the legendary Formula 1 driver, has imparted various insightful and motivational quotes throughout his career. Here are some of his notable quotes:

Michael Schumacher Quotes

“Never think that success is down to your own performance alone. If you start listening only to yourself you take the first step back towards the bottom. The flowers of victory belong in many vases.”

"I’ve always believed that you should never, ever give up and you should always keep fighting even when there’s only a slightest chance."

"I just want to be known as a very normal person and be treated as that and be able to walk down the street like anyone else."

""Once something is a passion, the motivation is there."

“You win a race, the next race it’s a question mark. Are you still the best or not? That’s what is funny. But that’s what is interesting. And that’s what is challenging. You have to prove yourself every time.”

"Sometimes minor details can have a huge impact. If you don’t devote 100 percent of your efforts to every detail, you immediately run into difficulties."

"When you’re very successful, you become careless and try to turn many things into routine."

"If you’re lucky enough to be famous, then it’s great if you can use your fame and the power your fame gives you to draw attention to things that really matter."

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