12 Modern Dating Terms That Every Millennial Needs to know

Gone are the days when the most complex relationship terms were “friendzone” and “friends with benefits.” With Gen-Z ruling the dating scene, expect the terms to change accordingly.

Pocketing is when you’ve been seeing someone for quite some time, but your partner never introduced you to their parents or friends.


Benching means giving hope to someone else while you are already in a relationship to save them for later.


Slow fading means slowly and gradually backing away from a relationship, so the breakup hurts less. People who resort to these feelings need to own up and responsibly express them.

Slow Fade

When someone you’re dating showers you with excessive love and affection, and once you are obsessed with them, they will manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do.

Love Bombing

You find out that your partner is cheating on you, and when you confront them, they say they didn’t know you were exclusive.


Micro cheating is when your partner isn’t necessarily cheating but does things you don’t approve of.

Micro cheating

Wokefishing is when someone presents themselves as a feminist, LGBTQ rights activist, protests-attending, and slogan-chanting liberal just to impress you but turns out to be quite the opposite.


It’s a type of manipulation where the person is playing push and pull with you. It will eventually lead to a toxic relationship.


Textlationship is when your relationship exists only on your phone. It happens when you two can’t seem to get past the texting stage and meet in person.


A situationship comes with an expiration date that aligns with the end of your circumstances, like one of you getting a new job.