Most Famous Lavender Fields in France

These historic villages offer endless fields of lavenders, but also sunflowers and a backdrop of the mountains of Alpes-de-Haute.

Valensole is the most famous of all the places to see lavender fields in France. These purple flowers are everywhere in Plateau de Valensole.

Valensole - Most Famous Lavender Fields in France

A gorgeous destination full of rolling hills with coarse toned villages and lush green forests within the mountain backdrops.

Luberon - Most Unique Lavender Fields in France

It is one of the most celebrated lavender fields in France – also because this is where the yearly Lavender Festival is held every August.

Sault - Most Celebrated Lavender Fields in France

It’s known for many things such as scenic hiking trails, dramatic gorges, river rafting and yes, lavender fields as well.

Ardeche - Most Adventurous Lavender Fields in France

The Department of Drôme has some amazing landscapes to discover by hiking or going on a bike tour.

Drôme - Most Offbeat Lavender Fields in France

Grasse is known for its perfumes and plethora of flowers but also a short drive away are some wilder or “sauvage” lavender fields.

Grasse - Most Sauvage Lavender Fields in France