Most Memorable Bridgerton Quotes from Lady Whistledown, Simon Basset & More

Bridgerton is one of Netflix's most loved series, from exciting characters to picturesque landscapes; we are listing the best quotes from Daphne Bridgerton, Simon Basset and more of our favourite characters.

Best Quotes From Netflix’s Bridgerton

“to Meet A Beautiful Woman Is One Thing, But To Meet Your Best Friend In The Most Beautiful Of Women Is Something Entirely Apart.” — Simon Basset

“I shall always be the woman you may love in darkness, but never in the light of day. You have made me promises before and I, like a fool, believed them. I cannot be your fool again.” — Siena Rosso

Why must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest? What if I want to fly?" — Eloise Bridgerton

“We will all need to find love one day. Indeed, a love as pure as what Mama and Papa once shared, if we are so fortunate.” — Daphne Bridgerton

“you Do Not Know Me, And Rest Assured, You Never Shall.” — Lady Whistledown

“you Have No Idea What It Is To Be A Woman, What It Might Feel Like To Have One’s Entire Life Reduced To A Single Moment.” — Daphne Bridgerton

“you Wish To Follow Your Heart And I Wish To Nurture My Mind. Let Us Leave It There.” — Eloise Bridgerton

“All is fair in love and war, but some battles leave no victor, only a trail of broken hearts that makes us wonder if the price we pay is ever worth the fight.” — Lady Whistledown

 "You Are The Bane Of My Existence And The Object Of All My Desires." - Anthony Bridgerton

"i Am Your Family Now. We Shall Make Our Own Family, You And Me." — Colin Bridgerton

“the Lady Is Quite The Treasure. Do Try Not To Bungle It Up.” — Lady Danbury