Parenting Lessons To Learn From Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is an adorable mom of four who always follows the best parenting techniques and wants you to live by these parenting rules. 

So, here are ten parenting techniques practiced by this classy and most stylish mother, Kim Kardashian. 

Kim loves taking pictures of her kids so she can look back at the fun memories whenever she misses them. 

Always Capture The Moment

Kim believes that "One of the best ways for kids to grow up with confidence is to let them be themselves so they are not second-guessing their moves."

Express Yourself

 Kim is quite open to releasing kids' pictures to Social media because if the she won't, then media would be trying pictures of them without her permission."

Social Media Is Okay

Teaching discipline and manners are a must for parents; they should know what is good for them, and learning is the only way to accept things. 

Discipline is must

Kim and her kids always have the best look. We can definitely take some fashion advice from North!

Make Sure To be Stylish

Using a schedule is great for keeping up with the kids’; scheduling is the best way to keep track of napping, eating, and playing. 

Make A Schedule

 When you have more than one child, jealousy is very normal, and kim has the best answer to it "When I was breastfeeding [Saint], [North] was so jealous that I had to get a little milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw so she would drink."

Dealing With Sibling Jealousy

The important thing in the world is family, and Kim adore this parenting advice; she always makes time to let her kids meet her sisters, granny and cousins and all.

Family Is Important