Park Min-young Best K-dramas To Binge Watch

Park Min-young is a talented South Korean actress known for her captivating performances. Here are some of her best K-dramas to binge-watch.

This romantic comedy is about a narcissistic CEO who falls in love with his secretary. It is a funny and heartwarming show that will make you laugh and cry.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Park Min-young portrays Sung Deok-mi, a talented art curator who leads a double life. When her secret is discovered by her new boss, played by Kim Jae-wook, their lives become intertwined.

Her Private Life

Park Min-young plays Kim Na-na, a skilled bodyguard who becomes entangled with a vigilante seeking justice. This action-packed thriller is filled with suspense and romance.

City Hunter

Park Min-young stars as Chae Young-shin, a young reporter involved in a dangerous conspiracy alongside a mysterious night courier. This action-packed drama combines mystery and conspiracy.


Park Min-young plays the role of Choi Sang-eun, a contract marriage master who helps single people to find a partner; this drama has all the elements of humour and emotional stories.

Love in Contract

This Netflix Drama depicts the unconventional love story of people working in the Korean Meteorological Administration who break, fall and rise up again

Forecasting Love and Weather

One of Min-Young’s best performances of all time, This drama tells the story of the Queen being expelled from the castle after seven days due to being involved in a scandal.  

Queen For Seven Days

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