The Pet To Adopt According To Your Zodiac Sign

Energetic, loyal and adventurous, a dog matches the Aries' bold and active nature.

Aries: Dog

Laid-back, independent and affectionate, a cat matches the Taurus' love of comfort and relaxation.

Taurus: Cat

Curious, intelligent and social, a parrot matches the Gemini's outgoing and communicative nature.

Gemini: Parrot

Nurturing, sensitive and gentle, a hamster matches the Cancer's love of home and family.

Cancer: Hamster

Confident, friendly and playful, a guinea pig matches Leo's outgoing and affectionate nature.

Leo: Guinea pig

Quiet, reserved and loyal, a rabbit matches the Virgo's calm and loyal nature.

Virgo: Rabbit

Peaceful, harmonious and beautiful, fish matches the Libra's love of balance and harmony.

Libra: Fish

Mysterious, intelligent and independent, a snake matches the Scorpio's intense and curious nature.

Scorpio: Snake

Adventurous, self-reliant and free-spirited, a horse matches the Sagittarius' love of travel and adventure.

Sagittarius: Horse

Clever, loyal and quiet, a bird matches the Capricorn's reserved and disciplined nature.

Capricorn: Bird

Curious, intelligent and independent, a rat matches the Aquarius' unconventional and curious nature.

Aquarius : Rat

Gentle, sensitive and wise, a turtle matches the Pisces' gentle and intuitive nature.

Pisces: Turtle