Photos Of Kate Middleton Before She Became a Princess

Here, we are taking you down memory lane to revisit Kate's life before she became a royal because, before the fairytales, she was just like the rest of us.

Kate loves prints, but this one is a bit wild for her; you never see her wearing bold prints these days. 

A Wilder Look

This is how the two sisters used to party when they became royals; their trouble-making smiles say that all. 

Partying With Pippa

This whole outfit is a lot; you may never find Kate in those boots, the hot pink socks, the shorts, sparkly top and the hot pink purse. 

'80s Style Kate

You may never see Kate in jeans, but this is before becoming Princess; here she is sporting a white pair.

Not Quite Perfect

Kate's way of dressing for summer was different; she showed off her athletic figure in a green floral dress.

Summer dress

Kate's choice of bags before becoming Princess was not graceful, may be because it was early 2000s trend. 

That bag

Kate was clicked while toting her luggage in a red floral skirt with a white top; she looked pretty. 

Pretty Woman

Kate seems to enjoy working even before becoming Princess, like today also.

Wokring Girl

This was the picture when Kate was hanging out with friends at the Gatcombe Park Festival.

Hanging out

See, before becoming Princess, she was just like one of us, carrying own clothes from the dry cleaners.  

Running Errands

Before royalty, Kate's choice of hats was pretty different and cultivated. 

The choice of hats

Before becoming royal, Kate had to open her own doors like the rest of us, but she looks cute. 

Opening Her Own Car Door

More clubbing, more tan, and more legs! Kate glows differently in such outfits, we impressed!

Those Legs!