Plants That Bring Bad Luck In House

Here are a few plants that some people believe may bring bad luck if kept inside the house:

In some cultures, bonsai trees are believed to bring bad luck because they symbolize stunted growth or confinement.


These plants are associated with death and mourning in various cultures. The tamarind tree connects to evil spirits and negative vibrations in Vastu Shastra.

Tamarind and Myrtle

In Feng Shui, cotton plants symbolize poverty and hardship. They are believed to attract negative energy and discord.

Cotton Plants

The Babul tree is believed to bring bad luck and poverty to those who plant it near their homes, primarily due to its thorny branches.

Babul Tree

The drooping branches of the weeping fig represent sadness and grief. It is also believed to attract misfortune.

Weeping Fig

While cacti are often seen as symbols of resilience, they are also associated with negativity in some cultures. The prickly spines are said to represent bad luck.


No matter the type of plant, dead foliage is generally considered unlucky and symbolize stagnation or decline.

Dead Plants

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