The Best Houseplant According To Your Zodiac Sign

Much like each zodiac sign, every houseplant has its own unique traits and quirks. If you're curious to know which popular houseplant best suits you, why not let astrology be your guide?

You like to make a statement, Aries, and the colorful Croton, with its bright golden, red, and purple hues, is a perfect match.

Aries: Croton

The Sweetheart Plant, it's a dreamy and romantic fit for Venus-ruled Taurus. It's an incredibly easy-to-grow and hands-off plant,

Taurus: Heartleaf Philodendron

Best houseplant for you is something carefree that requires minimal maintenance or watering—like the popular Spider Plant.

Gemini: Spider Plant

Cancers are well-known homebodies- which means the Peace Lily, a normally high-maintenance flower, could be your perfect match.

Cancer: Peace Lily

When it comes to drama, you're the one bringing the heat which means the best fit for the self-proclaimed main character  is Monstera.

Leo: Monstera Deliciosa

Virgos love simplicity, and the Majesty Palm, with its enormous green fronds, is the perfect mix of stylish and statuesque.

Virgo: Majesty Palm

Your airy nature makes you more adept at new situations, so you're extremely sociable. Ruffled Fan Palms make a gorgeous statement piece that is deceptively easy to care.

Libra: Ruffled Fan Palm

Scorpios can be hard to read at first. The best houseplant is Jade for you will encourage you to embrace that soft side more often.

Scorpio: Jade Plant

You're a mover and shaker who likes to go where the wind takes you. So let's be real—you need a Cactus that you can essentially neglect and it will still thrive.

Sagittarius: Cactus

Capricorns are incredibly ambitious. The gorgeous Money Tree is known for bringing positive energy and good fortune into your space.

Capricorn: Money Tree

The Polka Dot Plant is a fun little houseplant that is right up your alley. It's gorgeous but nontraditional, with a funky pattern.

Aquarius: Polka Dot Plant

You're known as the romantic dreamer of the zodiac, a lucky bamboo plant just makes sense as your ideal houseplant. Not only will it bring good karma and luck into your life

Pisces: Lucky Bamboo