Vegetables You Should Never Plant Together

Planting them together can increase the risk of diseases and pest infestations.

Potatoes and Tomatoes

Beans inhibit the growth of onions, and they compete for similar nutrients in the soil.

Beans and Onions

Sage can inhibit the growth of cucumbers, affecting their overall health and yield.

Cucumbers and Sage

Planting tomatoes nearby can compete for the same nutrients, affecting their growth.

Corn and Tomatoes

Strawberries can attract slugs and other pests harmful to cabbage.

Cabbage and Strawberries

Garlic can stunt the growth of peas, inhibiting their overall development.

Garlic and Peas

Planting potatoes near apple trees can spread potato blight to the apple trees

Apples and Potatoes

Mint is a vigorous grower and can overshadow and inhibit the growth of parsley.

Mint and Parsley

Alliums can inhibit the growth of asparagus and affect their yield.

Asparagus and Alliums

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