Prince William and Kate Middleton's Most Romantic Moments Captured on Camera

Prince William and Kate seem to enjoy cheering and, coincidentally, coordinating their outfits. 

Cheering and Cheering

Kate donned a beautiful blue-lace dress, and Prince William opted for a suit, bonded under one umbrella. 

Under one umbrella

One of the best pictures of them, Kate and Prince Williams, got clicked, all-laughing and enjoying the night. 

All in love

Prince William and Kate look so happy while pouring beers; one of the sweet moments captured. 

Pouring beers together

Prince William and Kate are skiing lovers; they look happy while playing with the snow, such a beautiful capture. 

Ski time

Prince Williams celebrates love and happiness by giving bloom to his beautiful wife, such a romantic moment. 

Flowers for you

The couple shared a beautiful-kiss moment when Prince William won the Polo Match. 

Victory kiss

Kate in a green bodycon dress and Prince William in a classy suit, looks the sweetest in the picture. 

Boston bliss

Prince William got clicked white, looking at her beautiful wife, Kate; how romantic this picture is. 

You are my happiness

Prince William and Kate always stepped out holding hands, expressing their affection and love, such a sweet PDA moment. 

Hands in hands

Prince William and Kate captured all-laughing while stepping out; such a sweet-loving moment. 

Looking at you

This black & white romantic picture of the royal couple has all our hearts, aren't they look adorable.

Black & White Romance