Adorable Pictures of Princess Charlotte

These photos prove that Kate's daughter  Charlotte is as adorable as she is well-dressed.

She looks adorable in a blue dress paired with her adorable cheeks; the royal princess never fails to make a memorable appearance.

Everyone’s hearts

Kate was seen giggling with cute Charlotte; coincidentally, they were wearing coordinating outfits. 

Giggling with mother

Princess Charlotte wore red leggings, and Kate donned the matching clutch, one of the sweetest pictures of them. 


Princess Charlotte stepped out with Mother Kate; was seen waving to the public; such an adorable mother-daughter moment. 


She was all seen enjoying the sticky and sweet candy cane. 

Christmas candy cane

Dressed in a red sweater and bow clip, she paused to smell a bright bouquet of flowers. 

Smelling flowers

Kate dressed in a blue dress, and Charlotte also donned a matching frock, this mother-daughter duo has all our hearts. 

Twining with mother

Princess Charlotte was seen playing with balloons; such a sweetest picture. 

Playing with balloons

She looks sweetest dressed in a blue sweater and open hair. 


This is Princess Charlotte's hilariously adorable photo; she was seen sticking her tongue out. 

Tongue out

Such an adorable picture of Princess Charlotte turning four, dressed in a grey jumper and ponytail. 

Turning four