Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas PDA Moments 

They look adorable; Priyanka fixing her dress and Nick holding an umbrella; this picture made headlines.

Cannes moment!

The power couple Priyanka and Nick shared a sweet glimpse of their happy relationship. 

Laugh together

Priyanka and Nick are so adorable! They make our hearts melt every single time.

We love the PDA!

There is nothing like clicking too many mushy selfies, such a sweet picture. 

Love Overload

They say the child inside us comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with. This picture is the proof of it.

Happy around you

They stole all our hearts with their gushy-mushy love moments. 


One of our favorite moments was when Priyanka and Nick couldn't stop gazing at each other. 

Too adorable

Setting couple goals, posing for a picture in such a romantic setting.

Power couple

 Nick and Priyanka give perfect wedding picture goals, dressed in stunning wedding attires.

Sealing with a kiss

Priyanka said it right! "Find someone who looks at you like that...😍"

On being cute