Hairstyles to copy from Priyanka Chopra Joans

Priyanka Chopra Joans, the fashion icon, need no introduction; from unique fashion choices to captivating hairstyles, Priyanka has won many hearts worldwide. 

From the espresso brown to the bob cut, Priyanka's hairstyles are a trendsetter, so here we present you the most fabulous hairstyles to copy from this diva and be a trendsetter.

This is one of the super cool and enthusiastic Priyanka Chopra hairdos. Go for this style if you have straight, medium-textured hair.

Straight Layer Cut

This sleek ponytail hairdo of Priyanka Chopra is simply stunning; and gives a dramatic touch to the look.

Long Braid with Bangs

An easy hairdo that looks chic, a high bun with bangs is quite famous among gen-z as it looks sophisticated and easy to pull-off.

High bun with bangs

This is one of the best hairstyles of Priyanka Chopra, graceful and fashionable, and perfectly suits both western and traditional outfits. 

Natural Curls

A classic hairdo with dark brunette highlights. This sleek hairdo of Priyanka Chopra has been an inspiration for several women.

Sleek and Shiny

From premiers to press conferences, Priyanka has worn this hairstyle to many events because it looks fantastic and gives a royal look.

Loose Curls

Ladies take inspiration; this hairstyle to Priyanka's can be your go-to hairstyle, and undoubtedly grab many attractions.

High Bun

This hair updo of Priyanka's is quite impressive and gives a great look. The sleek, longer than standard length hair gives a mermaid vibe.

Long and Straight