10 Qualities  of Good Parents 

If you want your kid to succeed and stand strong, guiding them is the best thing you can do and praise them when they've done their best.

Guide and Support Your Child

Insulting, humiliating, or belittling a child is never a good way to teach anything. Always make them understand things properly and easily.

Avoid Being Mean

If you want your children to be kind and well-mannered, you must try your best behaviour and be respectful of others.

Be Mindful

Whether it's homework or chores or making friends, the best thing we can do as parents is get kids to a place where they can handle things independently.

Being independent

Know what your child is doing and with whom. Who are your child's friends? What are the parents of the child-like? Knowing this makes you a better parent. 

Keep Track of Your Child

Small gestures, like writing a note for their lunchbox or sharing things about themselves, can strengthen your connection with your child.

Show love

Good parents know that all parents may make mistakes, and they learn from them and show their kids how to take responsibility for their actions.

Apologize for Your Mistakes

Discipline is a must; it helps them make good friends, stop them from having unnecessary fights and makes them respect others. 

Discipline Your Child

Teach kids to be kind, respectful toward others, be charitable, grateful for what they have, and have empathy for others.

Teach Your Child to Be a Good Person

Whether it's playing a board game, going for a bike ride, cooking, watching a movie, laughing together, spending time together, and connecting positively every day. 

Connect With Your Child