Ranveer Singh Most Popular Hairstyles

Ranveer Singh is famous for his classy looks and the person who loves experiments. His hairstyles are the top trend for those who always wish to make a new creation in their hairstyle.

Here are some of the Ranveer Singh hairstyle pictures that will surely make you admire his boldness

Only Ranveer Singh can pull this Double Ponytail Hairstyle look; he looks super chill and sets the trend for millennials.

Double Ponytail Hairstyle

Ranveer Singh's mini ponytail hairstyle look was borrowed from the chirpy little kids’ hair book. He looks so chilled out and happy in this quirky hair updo. 

Mini Ponytail

Ranveer Singh, debuted in Band Baja Barat with his messy hair with bangs, and soon this hairstyle became trendy; many people were seen carrying this bangs hairstyle. 


For the Movie Padmavat, Ranveer Singh grew out his hair for the role of Allaudin Khilji to perfectly showcase his glory nature. 

Long Locks

Ranveer Singh looks eccentric in these super hot straight spikes,

Wavy Spikes

This is one of the edgiest hairstyles to manage long hair, and. Ranveer Singh adds his personal touch to this style.

Messy bun

One the trendy hairstyles, plus a comfortable hairstyle for a gym as the star is seen wearing a vest.

The top knot

Ranveer created this Dapper look for the magazine cover shoot. His hair is pulled back from his face, with all the ends having a slight curl looks stylish.

Dapper Look

Try out Ranveer Singh Hairstyle in befikre, if you some fresh breath or a cool face.

Ranveer Befikre Look