Gorgeous Brides Sipping Coffee on their Wedding Day

Brides who are found sipping coffee on their big day are considered to be the calmest ones who have everything sorted.

We have found not one, not two but  a plethora of brides who actually ended up sipping coffee while getting ready or on their way to the wedding venue.

If you’re craving for your daily dose of caffeine or want to get a kickass bridal portrait, we recommend getting that last cuppa ready before you get hitched. 

These brides are so cool with their Starbucks cups in their hands, looking ethereal, on the way to their happily ever after!

We recommend getting ‘bride’ written on your glass of coffee on your big day and getting the most amazing picture clicked.

Either the brides have placed a Starbucks order and have had it delivered or have straightaway headed to the Starbucks.

Not only will you get one hell of a unique bridal portrait but you’ll be caffeinated and happy before tying the knot!