7 Signs That Shows Your Relationship Is Beyond Repair

1.  If you fear what your partner will think about you or how he will react if you get to know something about them, then certainly this is not a good sign.

2. Insecurities develop when you start hiding things from each other or start lying about something. This can completely ruin your relationship.

3. If you are in a stage where there is a deadlock between the two of you or there are ugly fights rather than a healthy discussion, then repairing this relationship is quite a tricky thing to do

4.  Disrespect is the biggest red flag and something that should never be tolerated. If you have seen any such sign in your relationship, then it is certainly beyond repair.

5. If being with your partner makes you feel embarrassed, or you do not feel like hanging out together uh, or it annoys you to be with that person, then consider it another sign of a damaged relationship.

6. If that spark is lost, then those feelings are also lost. A relationship without any feelings for each other is not at all a relationship. Only strangers behave that way.

7. Cheating means that your partner has lost interest in you and has developed likelihood or feelings for someone else. Such a relationship is already over.