REMEMBERING Anna Mani on Her 104th birth Anniversary: Indian physicist and meteorologist

Anna Mani is celebrated today for her extraordinary contributions to the field of physics and meteorology. She was one of India’s first female scientists, and served as the Deputy Director General of the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

What is Anna Mani most famous for?

Google celebrates 104th birth anniversary of Indian physicist and meteorologist. Anna Mani Google Doodle: Her contributions to weather forecasting were immense, and her research it possible for India to make accurate weather forecasts.

She was one of the first women scientists whose life's work enabled India to make accurate weather forecasts.

Known As "Weather Woman"

Anna Modayil Mani was born in 1918 at Peermade, Kerala to an ancient Syrian Christian family. Her father was a civil engineer and an agnostic. During her childhood, she was a voracious reader.

Where did Anna Mani live?

She designed an instrument - ozonesonde - to measure atmospheric ozone. She also set up a meteorological observatory at the Thumba rocket launching facility.

What Anna Mani invented?

Mani published several papers on sustainable energy measurement, making her one of the earliest advocates for sustainable energy in India.

Anna Mani contributions to society

We have only one life. First equip yourself for the job, make full use of your talents and then love and enjoy the work, making the most of being out of doors and in contact with nature. ~ Anna Mani

Inspiring Quotes by Anna Mani an Indian physicist and meteorologist

My being a woman had absolutely no bearing on what I chose to do with my life. What is this hoopla about woman and science. ~ Anna Mani

Anna Mani “Weather Woman of India”