Romantic High-School Korean Dramas

A poor girl attends an elite high school and falls in love with a wealthy and arrogant boy, who is part of a group of popular and powerful students known as the "F4."

Boys Over Flowers

Six students with different talents attend a famous performing arts high school and struggle to achieve their dreams of becoming successful singers and dancers.

Dream High

A high school girl who is insecure about her appearance transforms herself with makeup and gains popularity, but struggles to maintain her true identity and love life.

True Beauty

A high school girl discovers that she is a character in a comic book and tries to change her predetermined fate to be with the boy she loves.

Extra-ordinary You

A group of friends navigate their way through high school and the challenges of growing up in the late 1990s, while reminiscing about their memories as adults in 2012.

Reply 1997

A popular high school girl and a mysterious boy with a talent for writing join forces to uncover the truth behind a series of anonymous messages and online rumors.

Live On

Three high school students face the struggles and joys of adolescence as they try to find their own paths and overcome their past traumas.

Moment at Eighteen

An heir to a large conglomerate falls in love with a poor girl who attends the same high school, but their relationship is complicated by their family backgrounds and social status

The Heirs

In a world where a mobile app can detect and notify users when someone within a certain distance likes them, a high school girl and two boys become entangled in a love triangle.

Love Alarm

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