Selena is blessed with radiant and youthful skin and has won millions of hearts with her mesmerizing music. 

Here are some beauty tips that Selena Gomez has mentioned in interviews over the years:

Selena has talked about how important it is to stay hydrated, as it maintains skin elasticity and improve overall complexion.

Hydration is key

Selena starts her day with a workout that includes cardio, pilates, push-ups, lunges, and core kicks.

Regular exercise

She never forgets how important CTM is; she uses a mild cleanser to face her wash, followed by toner and moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Consistent skincare routine

Selena opts for a natural and fresh-faced look. She prefers to wear minimal makeup, allowing her skin to shine through.

Minimal makeup

She never uses lip gloss or lipstick daily, but she does use a serum on her lips to keep them hydrated.

Lip Balm is mandatory

The sensational singer enjoys a hot bath to open her pores, creating a steam room atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

Prefers hot bath

The one magic routine Selene swear by, is always removing her makeup and washing face before going to bed. 

Never go to bed with makeup on

The actress has thick hair; she washes it 1-2 times every week, and use a combination of shampoos to keep her hair healthy.

Blessed with good hair

Selena prefers to go to sleep early because late nights mean dark circles and tiredness the next morning.

Beauty Sleep

Selena follows a healthy diet because what you put in your body reflects outside, so a nutritious diet is one of the key reasons behind her glowing skin.

Diet is important

For Selena, taking care of her mental health through therapy, meditation, and self-care helps her radiate confidence and positivity.

Mental well-being