Selena Gomez's 10 Best Songs of All Time

A raw and emotional ballad about self-love and letting go of a toxic relationship.

Lose You To Love Me

A sultry, electro-pop track that showcases Selena's vocal range and confidence.

Come & Get It

A heart-wrenching song about struggling to move on from a past love.

The Heart Wants What It Wants

A catchy pop song about breaking free from a toxic relationship and finding self-worth.

Same Old Love

A dreamy, bass-heavy song about the confusing emotions of a crush.

Bad Liar

A dance-pop anthem about falling for someone and wanting to be with them.


A playful and sensual pop song about having a crush on someone and not being able to resist them.

Hands To Myself

A feel-good, empowering song about embracing one's uniqueness and beauty.

Who Says

A pop song that promotes positivity and rising above negativity and hate.

Kill Em With Kindness

A moody, electronic pop song that features Selena's vocals over a driving beat and haunting synths.