SEVENTEEN K-Boy Group Make A Comeback With 10th Mini-album, FML.

The K-boy group includes S. Coups, WonWoo, Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, Vernon, Seungkwan, DK, Dino, Jun, Hoshi, The 8, and Mingyu.

Who are members of SEVENTEEN?

SEVENTEEN is also popular as K-pop stage-breakers will celebrate their 8th anniversary in May.

When will SEVENTEEN turn 8?

‘FML’ consists of six tracks, including ‘F*ck My Life’, ‘Fire’, ‘I Don’t Understand But I Luv U’ and ‘April Shower’.

SEVENTEEN Launch 10th mini album 'FML'

According to Pledis Entertainment, the album’s name ‘FML’ is short for the slang ‘F*ck My Life’, which is the main track's title.

Why "FML"

Super is the maintrack of the head bop track the group has dropped along with the music video.

Super maintrack video is out

The song combines modern sounds with traditional beats, while the 13 members' visuals, performance, and synchronization are unmatched.

Energetic music

The Super trailer video shows the members amidst disorder, surrounded by broken cars, messy rooms, dull offices, and menacing chasers.

Interesting trailer

The song lyrics are particularly catchy and make a lasting impression; it's already hitting the music charts

Lyrics of Super

FML is SEVENTEEN’s most mature comeback, where they speak about the world they wish to create and the reality. 

About the FML Album

According to the reports, preorders for Seventeen’s “FML” has already surpassed 4.64 million copies, making it the highest-preordered K-pop album of all time.

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