Shah Rukh Khan Quotes About Life

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the world's richest actors; we’ve put together some of his best life quotes that we can all relate to. 

“Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich.”

“My biggest achievement is that I can make people smile just by my presence.”

“There is only one religion in the world – hard work.”

“It’s okay to be confused. Confusion is the route to all clarity in the world.”

“Success is not a good teacher. Failure makes you humble.”

“A moment will come when there isn’t anything that’s going right. But don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive it. All you have to do is make a move and move on a bit.”

“Art is more important than the artist – have no attachment to your own art. It is regressive, move on.”

“Making the mistake of thinking your dreams will take flight without you having to flap madly at those wings to get up into the sky, is plain silly.”

“Don’t let your fears become boxes that enclose you. Open them out, feel them, and turn them into the greatest courage you are capable of.”

Every morning I wake up and think of the same thing that this is the first shot of my life so I better make it stick.”

“Study hard. Work hard. Play harder. Don’t be bound by rules, don’t hurt anybody and never ever live somebody else’s dream.”