These Are Significance And Meaning Of 7 Vows Of Marriage

In Hindu marriages, these 7 vows of marriage are called saath phere. 

Each of these seven rounds stands for a vow or promise that the bride and groom make towards each other.

Here we are to tell you the meaning and significance of these 7 vows of marriage or saath phere that bind the couple together for eternity.

The first phera signifies the bride and groom’s willingness to bring prosperity in their lives while fulfilling their respective responsibilities.

 1st Phera Signifies – Nourishment

In the second phera the couple prays to God for physical and mental strength to lead a blissful life.

2nd Phera Signifies – Strength

In this phera, the couple asks God to bless them in the abundance of everything that they need to live a comfortable and prosperous life.

3rd Phera Signifies – Wealth and Prosperity

The fourth phera is for the couple to promise each other that they will shower happiness, love and respect on each other.

4th Phera Signifies – Family

The fifth phera is all about praying for noble and loving children. The couple wishes and promises to each other to lead a love-filled life, support their dreams.

5th Phera Signifies – Progeny And Children

The sixth phera is all about happy and harmonious life together. It gives the groom the opportunity to tell his bride the depth of his love and the happiness.

6th Phera Signifies – Health And Happiness

In the seventh and the last phera together, the couple seals the bond and promises to be faithful companions.

7th Phera Signifies – Love And Friendship