10 Smartest Dog Breeds That Would Love to Be Part of Your Family

The Welsh Terrier is a small but intelligent breed with a lively and confident personality. 

Welsh Terrier

The Belgian Tervuren is an intelligent and versatile breed known for their trainability and agility.

Belgian Tervuren

English Springer Spaniels are extremely obedient in tracking and hunting, while also being a pleasant companion.

English Springer Spaniel

Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers, are intelligent and hardworking herding dogs

Australian Cattle Dog

Golden Retrievers are hard workers, hands down. They’re easy to train, but require a lot of love and bonding time.

Golden Retriever

Border Collies are often regarded as one of the smartest dog breeds. Their intelligence and herding instincts make them dedicated family pets.

Border Collie

The Bernese Mountain Dog is gentle and affectionate and known for their great strength and ability to herd cattle.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bloodhounds possess an incredible sense of smell often used in tracking and search operations.


German Shepherds are known for loyalty. They enjoy reward-based training, living with families, and being treated with respect.

German Shepherd

Gordon Setters are independent dogs and have excellent memory, and stamina, in addition to their intelligence.

Gordon Setter