Song Hye Kyo Best Korean Dramas To Watch

A revenge drama about a woman who becomes a teacher to get revenge on the people who ruined her life.

The Glory

A tragic love story about two twins who are separated at birth and reunited years later.

Autumn in My Heart

A military romance about a South Korean special forces officer and a doctor who fall in love while working together in a disaster zone.

Descendants of the Sun

A romantic drama about a chaebol heiress and a hotelier who fall in love while on a business trip.


A romance about a blind woman and a con artist who fall in love despite their differences.

That Winter, The Wind Blows

A romantic comedy about a girl who inherits a house from her father and then has to share it with a famous actor.

Full House

A gambling drama about a woman who becomes a professional gambler to pay off her father's debts.

All In

A fantasy romance about an angel who falls in love with a human woman.

Guardian Angel

A drama about the lives of people working in the broadcasting industry.

The World That They Live In

A romance about a fashion designer and a photographer who fall in love but then have to break up due to their different lifestyles.

Now, We Are Breaking Up

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