Spooky Halloween Quotes To Share

“double, Double Toil And Trouble; Fire Burn, And Cauldron Bubble.”

“magic Is Really Very Simple. All You’ve Got To Do Is Want Something And Then Let Yourself Have It.”

“just Because I Cannot See It, Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Believe It!”

“A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.”

“it’s Halloween; Everyone’s Entitled To One Good Scare.”

“i Love Halloween, And I Love That Feeling: The Cold Air, The Spooky Dangers Lurking Around The Corner.”

“there Is A Child In Every One Of Us Who Is Still A Trick-or-treater Looking For A Brightly-lit Front Porch.”

“never Trust Anything That Can Think For Itself If You Can’t See Where It Keeps Its Brain.”

“it's As Much Fun To Scare As To Be Scared.”

“believe Nothing You Hear And Only One Half That You See.”

“for A Witch, You Certainly Don't Know Much About How Hauntings Work.”

“we Make Up Horrors To Help Us Cope With The Real Ones.”