Steve Harvey Best Life Lessons Quotes

Steve Harvey, an inspirational person, began his career as a comedian, and now carries a wealth of knowledge and life experience also one of the most charming men on television. 

Here, we have compiled some of Steve Harvey’s most motivational quotes that will alter your perspective on life.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

“Your career is what you’re paid for. Your calling is what you’re made for.”

Don’t use age as an excuse, most success stories happen after the age of 40, it is not never too late.

“You are never too old to reinvent yourself.”

Find your gift and you will find your purpose.

“Your mission, your purpose and your destiny will all be tied to one thing, your gift.”

You got to create dream boards. You got to put the new car on your mirror, put the weight you want to be on your refrigerator

“Don’t let your mind stop you.”

If you’re negative, you’re going to draw negativity. If you’re positive, you draw positive. Be kind and you will attract kind people.

“Forgiveness is for you. It does more for you than the other person.”

Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.

“People don’t like to hear the truth out here because the truth makes them think.”

The more mistakes you make. The more you try and fail the more you learn.

“Growth is in a series of mistakes. That’s the only way you learn.”

Forget about the past, no-one becomes successful there. Use it to drive you forward if you must, but don’t look back.

“You simply cannot drive forward if you’re focused on what’s happening in the rear view mirror.”