Sudha Murthy Quotes on Relationship and Marriage

Sudha Murthy is an Indian author, social worker, and philanthropist. She is known for her heartwarming and inspiring stories that often draw from her own life experiences.

Here we have listed her thoughtful and admiring quotes on relationships and marriage to help you seek love-life guidance.  

Sudha Murthy Quotes

 “When someone gets cheated, that person gets upset not because they have lost money but because he or she realizes that they have been foolish enough to be tricked by someone.”

“There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. Loneliness is boring, whereas in solitude you can inspect and examine your deeds and your thoughts.”

“Money should come slowly over a period of time. Then only does one respect it. Whether it’s a man or a woman, earning too much money in too short a period is as bad as excess liquor.”

“Who is the best friend to a man and a woman?” The answer is: “A wife to her husband and a husband to his wife.”

"Women support their men when they're building companies and careers, men must also support their women."-

"A very healthy mechanism to maintain harmony in any relationship is for both the partners to be very busy. That’s very important."

"With my experience in life, I want to tell you that having good relationships, compassion and peace of mind is much more important than achievements, awards, degrees or money."

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